Resident Evil Code: Veronica X HD Remaster – Tam Çözüm

Ara 31  GamerAdmin   1126, 128, 1971, 1F, 2F, A Beautiful Woman, A middle-aged man is with red, A red haired man is holding, A. Rifle Bullets, AA, Acid Rounds, Acta Valve Handle, Air Force Proof, Airport Key, Albert Wesker, Alexander's Jewel, Alexander's Memo, Alexander's Pierce, Alexia's Choker, Alexia's Jewel, Alfred Ashford, Alfred's Diary, Alfred's Jewel, Alfred's Ring, Anatomist's Note, Antarctic Transport Base Map, Army Proof, Assault Rifle, Auto, B.O.W. Gas Rounds, B1F, Bar Code Sticker, Battery Pack, Biohazard Card, Blue Herb, Blue Jewel, Bow Gas Rounds, Bow Gun, Bow Gun Arrows, Bow Gun Powder, Briefcase, Butler's Letter, Capcom, Caution, Caution B.O.W., Check, Chem Storage Key, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Clement a, Clement E, Clement Mixture, Code: Veronica Report, Combat Knife, Combine, Confession Letter, Crane Key, Crown, Crystal, Danger, Danger High Voltage, Description, Detonator, Door Knob, Dragonfly Object, Duralumin Case, Eagle Plate, Earthenware Vase, Emblem Card, Empty Extinguisher, Enhanced Handgun, Enter, Equip, Extinguisher, F. Aid Spray, Fax On The Facility Access Application, Fine, Flame Rounds, Gas Mask, Glass Eye, Glock 17, Gold Dragonfly, Gold Key, Gold Lugers, Green Herb, Grenade Launcher, Grenade Rounds, Halberd, Handgun Bullets, Hawk Emblem, Heart, Hemostatic, Horror Game, Hunk's Report, Hunter, ID Card, ID verification has been confirmed, Ink Ribbon, It's a man's potrait, It's a Picture of a man, It's a Picture red haired man, Key With The Tag, King Ant Object, King Maker, Lighter, Linear Launcher, Lockpick, Luger Replica, M93R Part, Machine Room Key, Magnum, Magnum Bullets, Manual, Memo On The Pass Number, Message Card, Message To The New Family Master, Mining Room Key, Music Box Plate, Navy Proof, Newspaper Clip, NTC0394, Padlock Key, Paper Weight, Piano Roll, Plant Pot, Playing Manual, Please enter your ID number, Prisoner Lists, Queen Ant Object, Red Herb, Red Jewel, Report: Enhanced Anti-Decay Alloy, Research Repot On Queen Ant, Resident Evil Code Veronica X, Resident Evil Code: Veronica X HD Remaster, Resident Evil Code: Veronica X HD Remaster - Tam Çözüm, Rodrigo Juan Raval, Rusted Sword, Secret Passage Note, Secretary's Note, Security Card, Shotgun, Shotgun Shells, Silver Dragonfly, Silver Key, Skeleton Picture, Sniper Rifle, Socket, Something is written on the memo, Sp. Alloy Emblem, Sq. Valve Handle, Steering Wheel, Sterile Room Key, Steve Burnside, Storage Key, Sub Machine Gun, Survival Horror, The Queen Ant's Object, Training Facility Map, Turn Table Key, Tyrant, Umbrella, Use, User's Manual, Valve Handle, Walkthrough, Weapon, Wing Object, Worker's Diary, Zombie Game

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X HD Remaster – Tam Çözüm, Bildiğiniz üzere çok eski bir oyun olan Resident Evil Code: Veronica X’in HD…

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