Resident Evil Code: Veronica X HD Remaster – Tam Çözüm

Ara 31  GamerAdmin   1126, 128, 1971, 1F, 2F, A Beautiful Woman, A middle-aged man is with red, A red haired man is holding, A. Rifle Bullets, AA, Acid Rounds, Acta Valve Handle, Air Force Proof, Airport Key, Albert Wesker, Alexander's Jewel, Alexander's Memo, Alexander's Pierce, Alexia's Choker, Alexia's Jewel, Alfred Ashford, Alfred's Diary, Alfred's Jewel, Alfred's Ring, Anatomist's Note, Antarctic Transport Base Map, Army Proof, Assault Rifle, Auto, B.O.W. Gas Rounds, B1F, Bar Code Sticker, Battery Pack, Biohazard Card, Blue Herb, Blue Jewel, Bow Gas Rounds, Bow Gun, Bow Gun Arrows, Bow Gun Powder, Briefcase, Butler's Letter, Capcom, Caution, Caution B.O.W., Check, Chem Storage Key, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Clement a, Clement E, Clement Mixture, Code: Veronica Report, Combat Knife, Combine, Confession Letter, Crane Key, Crown, Crystal, Danger, Danger High Voltage, Description, Detonator, Door Knob, Dragonfly Object, Duralumin Case, Eagle Plate, Earthenware Vase, Emblem Card, Empty Extinguisher, Enhanced Handgun, Enter, Equip, Extinguisher, F. Aid Spray, Fax On The Facility Access Application, Fine, Flame Rounds, Gas Mask, Glass Eye, Glock 17, Gold Dragonfly, Gold Key, Gold Lugers, Green Herb, Grenade Launcher, Grenade Rounds, Halberd, Handgun Bullets, Hawk Emblem, Heart, Hemostatic, Horror Game, Hunk's Report, Hunter, ID Card, ID verification has been confirmed, Ink Ribbon, It's a man's potrait, It's a Picture of a man, It's a Picture red haired man, Key With The Tag, King Ant Object, King Maker, Lighter, Linear Launcher, Lockpick, Luger Replica, M93R Part, Machine Room Key, Magnum, Magnum Bullets, Manual, Memo On The Pass Number, Message Card, Message To The New Family Master, Mining Room Key, Music Box Plate, Navy Proof, Newspaper Clip, NTC0394, Padlock Key, Paper Weight, Piano Roll, Plant Pot, Playing Manual, Please enter your ID number, Prisoner Lists, Queen Ant Object, Red Herb, Red Jewel, Report: Enhanced Anti-Decay Alloy, Research Repot On Queen Ant, Resident Evil Code Veronica X, Resident Evil Code: Veronica X HD Remaster, Resident Evil Code: Veronica X HD Remaster - Tam Çözüm, Rodrigo Juan Raval, Rusted Sword, Secret Passage Note, Secretary's Note, Security Card, Shotgun, Shotgun Shells, Silver Dragonfly, Silver Key, Skeleton Picture, Sniper Rifle, Socket, Something is written on the memo, Sp. Alloy Emblem, Sq. Valve Handle, Steering Wheel, Sterile Room Key, Steve Burnside, Storage Key, Sub Machine Gun, Survival Horror, The Queen Ant's Object, Training Facility Map, Turn Table Key, Tyrant, Umbrella, Use, User's Manual, Valve Handle, Walkthrough, Weapon, Wing Object, Worker's Diary, Zombie Game

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X HD Remaster – Tam Çözüm, Bildiğiniz üzere çok eski bir oyun olan Resident Evil Code: Veronica X’in HD…

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Resident Evil 7 – Tam Çözüm

Nis 22  GamerAdmin   2F, 3F, 44 MAG, 44 MAG Ammo, Abercombie Salt Mine, Accept Her Gift, Alan, Alex (Dead), Andre, Andre (Dead), Antique Coin, Are they watching us from that helicopter, Arthur (Turned), Assault Coin, Baloon, Battery, Ben (Dead), Blue Dog's Head, Bolt Cutter, Broken Handgun, Broken Shotgun, Bug Swarm, Burner, Burner Fuel, Burner Grip, Burner Nozzle, Candle, Capcom, Captain's Cabin, Captain’s Cabin Locker Key, Casette Tape, Chainsaw, Chem Fluid, Clancy (L), Clancy Javis, Clock Pendulum, Clyde (Dead), Combine, Corrosive, Craig (Dead), Crank, Crew Register, Crow Key, D-002 Arm, D-Series Arm, Danger, David (Dead), Dear Courtney, Dear Janet, Derelict House Footage, Discard, Dissection Room, Dissection Room Key, Driver’s License, Dummy Finger, E-Necrotoxin, Edward (Dead), Enhanced Handgun Ammo, Ethan Winters, First Aid Med, First Person Shooter, Flame Rounds, Flying Bug, FPS, Fuse, G17 Handgun, General Purpose Fuse, Grenade Launcher, Guest House Map, Gunpowder, Hand, Handgun Ammo, Happy Birthday, Happy Fucking Birthday Got a light?, Harold (Turned), Hatch Key, Havok, Heidi (Turned), Herb, Iron Defense Coin, It's too late for them, It's too late for us, Jack Baker, Joe Baker, Join Us, Josef (Dead), Keycard (Blue), Keycard (Red), Lantern, Lara, Leila (Dead), Lindsay (Turned), Lockpick, Loser, Lucas Baker, Lug Wrench, M19 Handgun, M21 Shotgun, M37 Shotgun, Machine Gun Ammo, Madhouse, Madhouse Difficulty, Madhouse Zorluk Derecesi, Marguerite Baker, Mia, Mia Winters, Mine Map, Model Shotgun, Molded, Molded (Crawler), Molded (Fat), MPM Handgun, Nadine (Dead), Nathaniel (Dead), Neuro Rounds, Old House Map, Old Videotape, Out Before Dessert, Over 20 Missing in 2 years, Ox Statuette, P19 Machine Gun, Peter (Dead), Power Cable, Processing Area Map, Prove you are real man stick your hand down this pig's throat, Psychostimulants, Quill Pen, RE Engine, Red Dog's Head, Reid (Turned), Repair Kit, Resident Evil 7 - Tam Çözüm, Resident Evil 7 - Walkthrough, Scorpion Key, Seperating Agent, Sewer Gators, Shaun (Dead), Shawn, Shotgun Shells, Snake Key, Solid Fuel, Something's wrong with her, South Dulvey, Special Operation Division, Stabilizer, Stairs, Stay Away, Steroids, Steven (Turned), Stone Statuette, Straw Doll, Strong Chem Fluid, Strong First Aid Med, Supplements, Survival Knife, Susan (Turned), Tamara, Testing Area Map, The Dulney Daily, The same time as all other clocks, This Pig is waiting for you in dissection room bitch, Tom (Dead), Toy Axe, Travis, Travis (Dead), Treasure Photo, Use, Valve Handle, White Dog's Head, William, William (Dead), Winding Key, Wooden Statuette, Zoe Baker

Resident Evil 7 – Tam Çözüm yazımıza geçelim. Bildiğiniz üzere Resident Evil 6’dan sonra Resident Evil evreni değişmeye başladı. Daha doğrusu ana oyunun serüveni çok değiştirildi. Bu da oyunun artık üçüncü şahıs kamerasından (TPS – Third Person Shooter), birinci şahıs […]

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Resident Evil 2 Remake – Claire Senaryo B

Nis 10  GamerAdmin   ____'s Diary, [Important] Nest - wide Alert, 106, 203, 2F, 2L12R8L, 2Sol-12Sağ-8Sol, 6L2R11L, 6Sol-2Sağ-11Sol, 9L15R7L, 9Sol-15Sağ-7Sol, Annette Birkin, Art Article The Red Stone, ATM-4, AWS, Battery, Bejeweled Box, Bishop Plug, Blue Herb, Boxed Electronic Part, C-A-P, Car Key, Claire, Claire Redfield, Combine, Confiscation Report, Copy Of Emails To Chief Irons, Copy Of Emails To Umbrella HQ, Courtyard Key, Cutting Tool, D-C-M, Delivery Receipt, Detonator, Diamond Key, Discard, Dispersal Cartidge, Dispersal Cartridge (Herbicide), Dispersal Cartridge (Solution), E-02 East Area, Electronic Gadget, Examine, Flame Rounds, Fuse, Fuse (Break Room Hallaway), GM 79, Green Herb, Green House, Green House Control Room, Greenhouse, Greenhouse Control Room, Heart Key, Herbicide, Herbicide Synthesis, High Voltage Condenser, High Voltage Condenser (Spark Shot), High-Capacity Mag. (JMB Hp3), High-Capacity Mag. (MQ 11), Hip Pouch, ID Wrist Band, ID Wristband, Ink Ribbon, Internal Memo, Jazz Festival Flyer, Jewel, JMB Hp3, King Plug, Knight Plug, Lab Digital Video Casette, Large Gear, LE 5, Left Arm From Statue, Left Arm With Book, Leon, Leon S. Kennedy, Letter To S.T.A.R.S. Members, Lickers, Linen Room, Lion Medallion, Lobby, Low-Temp Testing Lab, M-R-G, Maiden Medallion, Main Shaft, Minigun, MQ 11, Mr. X, MUF, MURF, N-01 North Area, N-E-D, Nap Room, Nap Room Log, Needle Cartridges, Notebook With Missing Page, Orphanage, Orphanage Key, OSS, P-4 Level Testing Lab, Parking Garage Key Card, Pawn Plug, Picture Block, Police Station 1F Map, Police Station B1 Map, Police Station Upper Floors Map, Portable Safe, Portable Safe Instructions, Power Panel Part, Presentation Room, Queen Plug, Quickdraw Army, Raccoon City Orphanage, Reception, Record Of Events, Records Of Events, Red Book, Red Herb, Reinforced Frame, Reinforced Frame (SLS 60), Relief, Repair Shop Letter, Report: About "G", Research Lab East Area Map, Research Lab North Area Map, Resident Evil 2 Remake, Resident evil 2 Remake - Claire Senaryo B, Roll Film, Rook Plug, S-Z-F, S.T.A.R.S. Badge, Scepter, Scissors, Scrap Of Paper, Security Room, Sewers Map, Sherry, Sherry Birkin, Shoulder Stock, Shoulder Stock (GM 79), Signal Modulator, SLS 60, Small Gear, Spade Key, Spare Part, Spark Shot, Special Forces Recording, Speed Loader, Speed Loader (SLS 60), Storage Locker Terminal Memo, Stuffed Doll, Submachine Gun, Submachine Gun Ammo, Submachine Gun Bullets, Suppressor (MQ 11), Surpressor (MQ11), Swat, T-Bar Valve Handle, Taxidermy Log, Tool, Toy Box, U.S.S. Digital Video Casette, Unicorn Medallion, Unlocking The U-Area Door, Upgrade Chip, Upgrade Chip (Admin), Upgrade Chip (General Staff), Upgrade Chip (General Stuff), Upgrade Chip (Senior Staff), URF, USB Dongle Key, Uses Of Gunpowder, Valve Handle, W-03 West Area, Weapons Locker Key Card, William Birkin, William Birkin's Inbox, Wooden Boards, Wooden Box, Zombi, Zombie

Önceki senaryoya göre bazı farklılıklar olsa da hatta zorluk konusunda daha fazla karmaşık olsa da bitirilmeyecek kadar değil. Resident Evil 2 Remake – Claire Senaryo B tam çözüm anlatımına geçelim.

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