Resident Evil HD Remaster – Tam Çözüm

Mar 13  GamerAdmin   Albert Wesker, Armor Key, Barry Burton, Battery, Bee Specimen, Blue Gemstone, Blue Herb, Book Of Curse, Broken Flamethrower, Broken Shotgun, Capcom, Chemical, Chris Redfield, Collar, Combine, Control Room Key, Crank, Cylinder, Cylinder Shaft, Dagger, Death Mask, Death Mask Without All, Death Mask Without Eyes, Death Mask Without Mouth, Death Mask Without Nose, Dog Whistle, Emblem, Enrico Marini, Examine, Fish hook, Fishhook, Flamethrower, Flash Grenade, Fuel Canteen, Fuel Supply Capsule, Fuse Unit, Gallery Key, Geroge Trevor, Gold Emblem, Golden Arrow, Green Herb, Guard Room, Handgun, Handgun Magazine, Helmet Key, Hexagon Crank, Hunter, Imitation of a key, Ink Ribbon, Insecticide Spray, Jewelry Box, Jill Valentine, Kenneth, Key for Room 001, Key for Room 003, Laboratory Key, Last Book Vol.1, Last Book Vol.2, Lighter, Lockpick, Lure of a bee, Magnum, Magnum Revolver, Magnum Rounds, Mansion Key, Map of the Courtyard B1, Map of the Mansion 2F, Medal Of Eagle, Medal Of Wolf, Metal Object, Mo-Disk, Moon Crest, Musical Score, Nintendo Wii, North, Old Key, PC, Playstation, Pressure Shelter, PS3, Ps4, PSN, Rebecca Chambers, Red Book, Red Gemstone, Red Herb, Release Safety, Residence Key, Resident Evil Remake, Resident Evil Remake Chris Redfield, Resident Evil Remake Tam Çözüm, Richard, Rocket Launcher, Self Defense Gun, Serum, Shaft, Shield Key, Shotgun Shells, Signal Rockets, Sony, Sony Playstation, Square Crank, Star Crest, Stone & Metal Object, Sun Crest, Survival Knife, Typewriter, Tyrant, UMB No. 10, UMB No. 3, UMB No.7, Unprinted Book, V-JOLT, VP-017, West, Wind Crest, Wooden Mount, Xbox 360, Yellow Gemstone, Yellow-6, Zombi oyunu, Zombie Games, Zombie Oyunu
Resident Evil HD Resmater - Oyundaki Karakterler Evet, arkadaşlar bir başka zombi kıyameti serisinin anlatımı ile yine karşınızdayım. Resident Evil Remake Tam Çözüm yazım ile detaylara geçeyim. Bildiğiniz üzere ilk seri 1996’da yapılmıştı. Fakat Game Cube’ün geç de olsa sahne [...] Read more

Resident Evil 7 – Tam Çözüm

Nis 22  GamerAdmin   2F, 3F, 44 MAG, 44 MAG Ammo, Abercombie Salt Mine, Accept Her Gift, Alan, Alex (Dead), Andre, Andre (Dead), Antique Coin, Are they watching us from that helicopter, Arthur (Turned), Assault Coin, Baloon, Battery, Ben (Dead), Blue Dog’s Head, Bolt Cutter, Broken Handgun, Broken Shotgun, Bug Swarm, Burner, Burner Fuel, Burner Grip, Burner Nozzle, Candle, Capcom, Captain’s Cabin, Captain’s Cabin Locker Key, Casette Tape, Chainsaw, Chem Fluid, Clancy (L), Clancy Javis, Clock Pendulum, Clyde (Dead), Combine, Corrosive, Craig (Dead), Crank, Crew Register, Crow Key, D-002 Arm, D-Series Arm, Danger, David (Dead), Dear Courtney, Dear Janet, Derelict House Footage, Discard, Dissection Room, Dissection Room Key, Driver’s License, Dummy Finger, E-Necrotoxin, Edward (Dead), Enhanced Handgun Ammo, Ethan Winters, First Aid Med, First Person Shooter, Flame Rounds, Flying Bug, FPS, Fuse, G17 Handgun, General Purpose Fuse, Grenade Launcher, Guest House Map, Gunpowder, Hand, Handgun Ammo, Happy Birthday, Happy Fucking Birthday Got a light?, Harold (Turned), Hatch Key, Havok, Heidi (Turned), Herb, Iron Defense Coin, It’s too late for them, It’s too late for us, Jack Baker, Joe Baker, Join Us, Josef (Dead), Keycard (Blue), Keycard (Red), Lantern, Lara, Leila (Dead), Lindsay (Turned), Lockpick, Loser, Lucas Baker, Lug Wrench, M19 Handgun, M21 Shotgun, M37 Shotgun, Machine Gun Ammo, Madhouse, Madhouse Difficulty, Madhouse Zorluk Derecesi, Marguerite Baker, Mia, Mia Winters, Mine Map, Model Shotgun, Molded, Molded (Crawler), Molded (Fat), MPM Handgun, Nadine (Dead), Nathaniel (Dead), Neuro Rounds, Old House Map, Old Videotape, Out Before Dessert, Over 20 Missing in 2 years, Ox Statuette, P19 Machine Gun, Peter (Dead), Power Cable, Processing Area Map, Prove you are real man stick your hand down this pig’s throat, Psychostimulants, Quill Pen, RE Engine, Red Dog’s Head, Reid (Turned), Repair Kit, Resident Evil 7 – Tam Çözüm, Resident Evil 7 – Walkthrough, Scorpion Key, Seperating Agent, Sewer Gators, Shaun (Dead), Shawn, Shotgun Shells, Snake Key, Solid Fuel, Something’s wrong with her, South Dulvey, Special Operation Division, Stabilizer, Stairs, Stay Away, Steroids, Steven (Turned), Stone Statuette, Straw Doll, Strong Chem Fluid, Strong First Aid Med, Supplements, Survival Knife, Susan (Turned), Tamara, Testing Area Map, The Dulney Daily, The same time as all other clocks, This Pig is waiting for you in dissection room bitch, Tom (Dead), Toy Axe, Travis, Travis (Dead), Treasure Photo, Use, Valve Handle, White Dog’s Head, William, William (Dead), Winding Key, Wooden Statuette, Zoe Baker

Resident Evil 7 – Tam Çözüm yazımıza geçelim. Bildiğiniz üzere Resident Evil 6’dan sonra Resident Evil evreni değişmeye başladı. Daha doğrusu ana oyunun serüveni çok değiştirildi.

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